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Zaza Casino Live

The Zaza website presents popular slot machines with live dealers, which are in demand among true connoisseurs of excitement. Both a new visitor and already registered users are offered a rich selection of entertainment content.

Any game in online slots takes place under the care of a professional croupier. Everything in this section takes place in real time. From a specially equipped room, which is so reminiscent of a real hall, there is a live broadcast, so it is impossible to adjust the results. What other features are there, and what interesting things does Zaza offer to its users?

Live Games with Live Dealers Zaza Casino

To try out a casino with live dealers, you need to register. After this simple manipulation, Zaza Casino will open its doors to you. The Zaza gaming house is not much different in atmosphere from the usual land-based points, but there is access to online entertainment around the clock. Live games can be played in the comfort of your own home.

Demo mode in Live with real croupiers is not available for quite natural reasons. It is impossible to set up a process with real people so that they pay attention to only one person, who, moreover, will not bring money to the casino. Therefore, it is recommended to start playing live only after all the rules and subtleties of a particular roulette have been studied. Fortunately, in LIVE mode, the rules are no different from the classic ones, so you can “practice” in the section of ordinary computer roulettes.

Another important point is that you need to make the first deposit. This is also quite logical, because in order to start earning, you first need to spend a little. You cannot bet with bonuses on Live. Such a policy of the company is related to the fact that users are not distracted from the process and do not violate the well-functioning work of the dealer. The user has the right to choose the table, the game and the croupier. At any convenient time, you can change the choice, withdraw money and withdraw it by all methods available on the site.

Live Game Types

Zaza live casino offers you to try your hand at Blackjack and Roulette games. These are virtual versions of entertainment familiar to many, but with a modern twist. Moreover, in each of these sections there are different types of slot machines that differ from each other in some nuances, despite the general concept.

Let’s start with the Blackjack category. This is a card game in which the main goal is to score as many points as possible. However, there is one caveat – if you scored more than 21 points, then you lost. Zaza features the following slot machines:

  • Zaza Casino Blackjack,
  • White Russian Blackjack,
  • Black Russian Blackjack,
  • Infinite Blackjack Blackjack!

The richest selection is presented in the “Roulette” section, where there are both classic American, European, and other sophisticated slot machines. This is fun with a ball that bounces on a spinning wheel. To win, you need to choose a number or a combination of numbers and wait until the ball hits them. The full list can be found on the resource, but here are some of the popular machines featured on Zaza:

  • Lightning Roulette,
  • Ruletka Live Turkce,
  • Rulet LIVE Roulette,
  • Namaste Roulette!

Zaza regularly receives new software from trusted manufacturers, so you will constantly add to the list of favorite machines.

Live Casino is suitable for all categories of players

Live casino has a number of undeniable advantages. It is especially suitable for players who loved the old atmosphere of the establishments, but were forced to go online. At Live Casino everything goes without the participation of a computer, which creates a lively atmosphere that allows you to feel like you are somewhere in a popular Las Vegas establishment. Complementing the feeling of reality of games with live dealers is the ability to communicate, ask questions and resolve controversial issues. And this comes with convenience, because there is constant access to your favorite slots. If you like making money in pajamas, no one will stop you from this venture. You can also turn on the European Championship in parallel, which, of course, will not be allowed to be done in a ground-based institution, because you will interfere with those present.

Almost all live online slots are created in compliance with the golden rule – pretty girls who try on the role of a croupier run the games. There is simply no limit to female beauty on Zaza. However, professional men are also present in this institution. You just have to choose the slot that suits you and spend time in a charming atmosphere.

Another type of players are skeptics who simply do not believe in the possibility of beating the casino. It is for this type that online slots with live dealers are created. In this mode, the process takes place for real, without juggling and cheating. The result of the bet depends solely on the skills of the gambler and his understanding of the rules. If the player has doubts about the honest behavior of the croupier, he can easily check it. To do this, you need to politely ask the dealer to make a few movements into the camera so that he proves his own “liveness” and the fact that users at the table are not dealing with a pre-recorded projection. In live, everything is transparent, you can clearly see how much is bet and at what bet.

Beginners are advised to play Live Dealers slots only after carefully studying the rules of online slots. The fact is that here you are immediately thrown into the muzzle of experienced gamblers who have long been sitting in the company of live croupiers. And after a loss, even beginners are not provided with incentive bonuses. After a beginner has figured out the intricacies, a whole treasure trove of various content opens up before him. That is why Zaza offers a huge number of variations of roulette, card games, and so on that are already familiar to us. It is important that the user finds what he likes. One category of people are attracted to low limits, while others, in pursuit of big wins, can sit down at the table with VIP status. There is also a gradation of slots by language, so that everyone can find a slot with a native croupier.


Live entertainment is constantly evolving and attracting new users. Therefore, our website has collected popular questions about online casinos with live dealers.

How to play live casino with a live dealer?

In live casinos, the usual rules apply – you need to bet money and wait for the croupier to be dealt. The main feature is that the process of making money takes place in real time. In the process, you can communicate with the dealer and with other people, which creates the atmosphere of a land-based gambling establishment. Just sit down at your virtual table and place your bets!

What games can be played in a live casino?

Zaza online slots have a wide range of slots, which are scattered in the following categories – “Blackjack” and “Roulette”. These are the usual gambling games that take place in real time. In each of these categories there is a large selection of slot machines. For example, the user will be able to find all types of roulettes from European to American.

What do you need to play Live Casino?

To play live, you need to register on the Zaza website. After that, make the first deposit, because in live you can bet exclusively on money. Demo mode is not provided here. It is also recommended to study the rules of a particular machine and observe etiquette when communicating with the croupier and other table participants.