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Zaza Casino TV Games

The Zaza online casino has an entertainment section called TV Games, which has managed to fall in love with all fans of excitement. Here, a newly arrived client can choose a game to their liking, and an already registered person will always find something new in constantly updated content.

This Zaza section is very similar to the Live Dealers section, as the games are also supervised by a live croupier. Despite the similar concept, TV has many distinctive features. What is it, and how to get your first victory? With all the subtleties can be found further.

TV Games: general characteristics

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, TVBET is all sorts of fun that real people are called to manage. Whichever section you visit, a real woman / man will welcome you everywhere. The essence of the process itself depends on the machine that the client has entered. Most often, it is enough to simply place a bet, and then wait for the result of the game.

Before an online casino gives you a chance to withdraw real money, you need to go through several stages. The first one is registration. You need to fill in all the personal data and, if necessary, go through verification, and then make a deposit. Then the user has the right to sit at any table. Live dealers create a genuine atmosphere of those times when you sat in front of the TV, trying to get a little rich. That era is already behind us, but it has been fully captured by the Internet.

Most slot machines are in demo mode. This gives you the opportunity to try your hand at combat, instantly mastering the rules of a particular slot. Even for the most unsuccessful attempts, the casino does not withdraw money from its users. It should be borne in mind that not everything can be played in such a sparing mode. For example, if you want to try your luck at KENO, then be prepared to rush in with your wallet at the ready.

Advantages, differences and gameplay of live TV games

Live TV games for money have an obvious advantage – the atmosphere of live communication. If in many computerized casinos everything is decided for you by a soulless robot, then it is often even pleasant to lose here, because a pretty girl will light up with a good-natured smile. And in funs like “rock, scissors, paper” you can go back to childhood, when you and your friends solved all the most important disputes. If we put aside all nostalgia, then we can safely say that the company of biological creatures at the table is a significant advantage of this type of fun.

The presence of dealers is the main feature of TVBET. Also, this section sheltered slot machines with absolutely unique mechanics. Each session or broadcast comes with voice accompaniment. As a rule, this takes place in English. Therefore, it is desirable for clients to know all foreign terms and basic expressions in order to clearly understand what is generally being discussed at the table.

The broadcast schedule is another distinguishing feature of TV machines. Since the broadcasts are held according to a certain schedule, sometimes it is simply impossible to connect to the table at any second. The provider announces the beginning of the next distribution or launch of the reel on the site itself in the appropriate section. If you went to your favorite broadcast, and it’s deaf there, pay attention to the inscription “Air through”, located in the left corner of the screen.

If the gameplay is explained in the simplest language, then these are broadcasts with games that the user watches online, charging money. Let’s explain the process with a specific example. We visit the TV Games section, select War of Bets. We are met by an English-speaking girl. She slowly takes out the Queen of Spades card and places it on the user’s side. After that, it is proposed to guess whether the dealer will get a card more, less, or whether there will be a queen again. Since we have a big card on our side, the odds for the “player win” bet are only 1.21, for the dealer’s triumph – 4.5, and for a draw – 12.00. The chances are extremely clear, it remains only to place a bet, waiting for what the girl will show next.

Assortment of TV games in Zaza online casino

Going to the TV games section on Zaza, you will see the following headings: “News”, “Lotto”, “Board Games”, “Fortune”. Under each of the mentioned names, a large number of machines are hidden only from trusted providers. Each of the available sections of TVBET live games should be described in detail.

Using the “New” menu, you can easily keep track of all new gambling products that appear on the site. Their number depends directly on the provider with which Zaza contracts for the placement of their products. Recent additions include Andar Bahar, Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt.

In the “Lotto” section, the user will find a large number of entertainment. Recall that here you need to close a number of numbers on your cards. Modern gaming inventions have improved, because even such traditional entertainment is complemented by new features. Here is just a small list of available machines:

  • KENO,
  • 7bet,
  • Lucky 7,
  • Mega7,
  • KENO Deluxe,
  • Lucky 6!

“Board Games” is a section for those who love card entertainment and other amusing slot machines. For example, it is here that there is “Rock, scissors, paper.” Do I need to explain the principle? Stone beats scissors, but gives up before paper. Scissors cut paper but break on stone. And paper, as you might guess, is stronger than stone, but weaker than scissors. You just need to guess the winning combination. The following machines are also presented on the Zaza resource:

  • War of Bets,
  • Andar Bahar,
  • War,
  • 21bet!

In the “Fortune” section there are those machines, the victory in which depends on a lucky chance. If, for example, blackjack can be conquered on one’s own experience and individual skills, then for the most part the fate of the game depends on luck. Still, sometimes it is simply impossible to calculate what will fall out on a spinning wheel or how the ball will behave. Namely, similar gambling products are in the described section. Fans of Monopoly are highly recommended to visit the site, because there is its digital counterpart. Build your own empire, but keep in mind other popular slot machines:

  • Wheel,
  • Wheel of Fortune,
  • Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt,
  • Bet On Numbers,
  • Crazy Time,
  • Dreamcatcher!

All the categories described together can be combined into the TV Games category from Zaza. A wide variety, advanced graphic technologies, the best croupier girls will keep you in suspense during the session.


To successfully play Zaza, you need to clearly understand all the rules for accepting bets and calculating. On our resource we have collected answers to the most popular questions.

How do TV games work?

At its core, these are round-the-clock live broadcasts with live dealers. There may be breaks between games, and the time until the next draws is highlighted on the screen. The person who went on the air bets money, after which, depending on the machine, the draw begins. Having won, you can leave the virtual table, taking all the winnings.

How to play live TV games?

If you want to bet with real money, you first need to register and make a deposit. After that, you can bet on TV Games in the appropriate section. Depending on the selected machine, the gameplay process varies.

Can TV Games be played for free?

It depends on the type of product itself. At TVBET, you can use the demo mode, but, say, at WHEEL or Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, you will need to wager for money. Free TV Games include Rock Paper Scissors, War of Bets, Andar Bahare. Here you can not be afraid to lose money.