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Tournaments in the online casino Zaza Casino

One of the youngest players in the Zaza gambling market, he constantly tries to surprise his clients with various events. One of these features is slot tournaments, which instantly gained popularity and approval among online casino users. Anyone can become a part of the big draws.

Active events from Zaza Casino are located in the corresponding “Tournaments” tab on the main page of the site. It is there that you can find current competitions, their prize pools, conditions and description. What are the events on the resource, and how often should you wait for them? We will try to answer these questions in the material.

Types of tournaments in Zaza casino

The Zaza management tries to regularly give interesting events to customers. Competitions constantly replace each other, but there are several constant events that are held cyclically. These competitions include:

Weekend Tournament. This gambling race takes place every week from Friday to Sunday. How to participate in it? It is enough to place bets on the machines indicated in the rules. The conditions of the competition may change from time to time, but according to the classics, there are about 36 slots here, one of which is random. The rest are used permanently. The prize fund depends on the region you registered from. It is shared between the 25 most successful users!
The second type of events is provider events. The name already says that in such events it will be necessary to play only on the slots of a strictly defined provider. There are no constant clear conditions here, they can change, as well as the number of victors with a prize fund. However, this is the highlight of this type – every time the client can get unexpectedly favorable conditions!
There are also seasonal or event fun. In the summer of 2021, there is no need to go far for examples. During this hot period, EURO 2020 was taking place, and Zaza prepared a tournament run called the European Tour for this grand occasion. Users had to play football slots and meet certain conditions. And the winner took his BMW!
In total, there are interesting competitions in Zaza around the clock. You can play for fun on your favorite slot machines and pass quests passively at the same time. Therefore, players return to the club every day, because here you can not only tame excitement, but also compete in skills with other gamblers.

Tournament steps in online casino

The very launch of slot tournaments is not an instant process. It is necessary to go through many difficult stages before the product reaches the end consumer. It all starts at the level of the casino board. A concept is developed, risks and profits of the company are assessed, and possible options are discussed. After receiving the approvals, the process of launching the event begins – a message is sent to users about the impending holiday, in which registered customers can participate.

As a rule, the release immediately mentions the timing of the event and the amount of entry fees. After that, the content itself is poured onto the site, and a separate page is created. One of the main things among the text material is the rules. After you have looked at the beautiful pictures made by the designer, it is recommended to study the materiel. On Zaza, next to each promotion/event, there is a separate item that describes the nuances of the event.

As soon as the fun begins, the user has only one thing left – to play. Let’s take “Soccer Spin” as an example, which took place from June 20 to 23. To compete for prizes, you need to play on specific 26 slots (Maradona HyperWays, Knockout Football Rush, FOOTBALL ALLSTAR, etc.), one of which is random. During the allotted period, the player can conquer any of the machines, after which the system automatically converts the results into points. Further, the prize fund is distributed among all those participants who made it to the final list of victors. It must be remembered that the company can cancel the victory of any player if a series of bets from a specific user or entire groups is noticed behind him, leading to win-win games. It is also forbidden to use dishonest strategies.

Tournament slots and prize pool

To understand how online tournaments work in an online casino, you need to know the list of slot machines that are involved in the events. The easiest way to explain this is with a few specific examples. Take the competition called “FESTIVAL online”, which took place in June 2021. Three rounds, each of which had 50 winners. These people did not play on any machines, but on very specific ones. Here is the complete list:

  • Sakura Fortune,
  • Big Bad Wolf,
  • Dinosaur Rage,
  • Golden Glyph 2,
  • Sticky Bandits 3: Most Wanted,
  • Midas Coin,
  • Crown Of Valor,
  • Eastern Emeralds!

The prize fund of the mentioned competition amounted to 14,000 CAD, which was played in three stages. The user had a great chance to snatch at least a small part of the money, since the number of winners exceeded one hundred. There were in the history of Zaza and more crazy events.

We have already mentioned the “European Tour”, which included three cars of the respected BMW brand and a solid check to boot. It is not difficult to guess that in order to participate in that action, one had to “sit” on the football-themed slot machines. There are plenty of these on Zaza, here are just a few of them: Football Mania, Football 3×3, Football, Football Star Deluxe. The main task of the user is to earn points, for which you could get expensive cars.

Online events in a gambling house are often timed to a specific slot. Even in such a seemingly limited space, Zaza Casino gives huge prizes. One example literally flies in the air. Aviator game. Recall the concept: an airplane flies, creating a curve on which a coefficient is displayed. The farther the transport flies, the greater the chance to hit the jackpot. It is important to collect your bet on time. Gambling contests are regularly held for this and similar games, and the prize money exceeds 14,500 CAD. However, there is also a difficulty, since there is only one automatic machine, all skill participants who ate the dog on the Aviator can gather here.

In total, in Zaza Casino, new and regular users can easily find something to entertain themselves with. Regular fun, solid prize pools, interesting conditions – all this will keep you on your toes.


It’s time to participate in the madness from Zaza. Here you can not just play single games, but complete entire quests. What is it, and what is it with?

How are the casino tournaments?

First, it is recommended to become a client, and after registration you will receive notifications about all new events, and in the “Tournaments” tab you can see the currently available ones. After that, within a certain time frame, you need to score points that count. This is done on automatic machines, and which ones are already determined by the rules.

How is the prize fund formed?

There are many ways to get such impressive numbers. For example, the EURO tournament was one of the largest in the history of the gambling hall due to the scale of the sporting event. Also, the management of Zaza may have agreements with the manufacturers of gaming software, and the event is part of an advertising campaign.

What are slot tournaments?

This is a gambling competition in which registered Zaza users compete for the main prize or for money. To be on the podium, you need to score as many points as possible. The rules may change, but the concept itself remains unshakable – it is important to play successfully and beat the competition.